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Hands-On Math Games For Kids

Getting your kid involved in learning about fractions and decimals may be as simple as using paper clips! With the correct math flashcards, you can use these simple games to teach your kid about the concept. You can also make your own games with items that you find in the house! There are many different hands-on math games for kids to choose from. There are games for kids of all ages, so make sure you get one that you and your child will enjoy!

In this game, students stand in a circle and count out loud until they reach 100. The player who gets their number right first wins the round! Similarly, you can have teams of students taking turns rolling dice and interpreting each number as one or ten. If a student rolls a five, they can write ‘5″ and so on until they reach the goal. The winner then has to choose another person to draw a line from their team’s color combination.

Some other hands-on math games for kids include knitting and puzzles. These can be fabric-y crafts or industrial craft projects that incorporate math concepts. Puzzles don’t have to be math-related. You can use puzzles with suitable wiring to impose math on the game. A good example of this is the Tetris puzzle cube. Cards games are also popular, including chess, bridge, blackjack, and pinochle.

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