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What Happened to Rafael Barba in Law and Order?

If you watched Law and Order, you may have been wondering what happened to Rafael Barba. Raul Esparza, who played Assistant District Attorney Rafael Barba on the popular TV show, announced that he was quitting the series after five seasons. Since his departure, Barba has made guest appearances on the show and in spin-off shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Here’s what happened to him.

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During the season finale, we were introduced to another face of the show. We had gotten to know Barba in the season premiere, but we had no idea she’d make a return this season. Her character, Barba, was defending the titular Richard Wheatley on a murder charge. Eventually, the jury deadlocked and the case was declared a mistrial. This made Benson feel betrayed, as her client, the mother of the victim, wished that her daughter would have been a prosecutor.

In “The Undiscovered Country,” Barba takes a personal case. He is asked to decide between a man who wants to keep a child alive and a woman who wants to end it. In the case, Barba draws parallels between his actions and those of his own father, who he once put on life support, despite his own regret for doing so. Ultimately, Barba pulls the plug himself, causing his son to suffer.

After her departure from the series, Barba made a surprise return in the final episode of Law and Order: Organized Crime. In the episode “The Christmas Episode,” Barba visits Wheatley in jail. Wheatley asks her to reconsider the offer, but Barba declines. She eventually ends up in a jail cell as the prosecutor. This left fans wondering: what happened to Barba in Law and Order?

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