Where Can I Find Market Data on Apple App Store?

Apple holds press conferences at the end of each fiscal year, where they announce their various accomplishments. Some of these achievements include the launch of their digital distribution service. Apps on the Apple App Store have been downloaded more than one billion times. By 2017, these downloads had reached 180 billion. The company also keeps track of the number of downloads of their apps. Among these statistics, there are some that are of interest to marketers.

While Apple is still a dominant player in the mobile app market, its revenue from in-app purchases and paid apps is only about one-third that of Google. Apple’s growth is relatively flat, with revenue from apps rising by just 13% year over year compared to a three-fold increase for Google. Both companies are seeing their growth from the United States and Japan, and they’re generating almost the same amount of revenue. WOW TV Channels lineup is divided in 3 tiers.

While the iOS App Store is a major revenue generator, more online stores are competing for customers. The App Store accounts for approximately two-thirds of the mobile app market. By contrast, the App Store has a very high rate of abandonment, so you’ll want to know which apps are most popular and earning the most revenue. Using data from the App Store can help you plan your next marketing strategy and get your apps noticed by users.

The App Store has a number worddocx of different ways to measure the success of apps. In some categories, the popularity of apps is more important than their popularity. One way to measure this is to look at how many downloads are available in each category. For example, apps in the entertainment category account for about eight percent of all apps, while the other categories are much lower. For more details, visit Apple’s official website.

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