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Why Are Americans So Against Diversity in Entertainment?

Why are Americans so against diversity in entertainment? The answer may surprise you. According to the US Census, 76.3% of the population is Slbux white, while nearly one-fifth is Hispanic. There are also nearly four million people from non-white ethnic groups. Only a small percentage of these people are represented in the entertainment industry, though. That’s hardly a minority compared to the total population of the United States – approximately 40%.

To understand why Americans are so against diversity in entertainment, researchers have examined a survey of nearly one thousand people, aged 18 to 54. Survey respondents answered a series of questions about the type of media they watch, including TV shows and movies. The survey also involved expert interviews to gauge the level of satisfaction with diverse stories. Some justprintcard of the most popular examples of inclusion in entertainment include “Black Panther” and “Black-ish.” Of particular note, four in five Black Americans say it’s obvious when characters are not from their race or ethnicity.

This problem is also rooted in the lack of representation in Hollywood. Despite a recent study indicating that films with diverse casts are more likely to earn more money, a large percentage of those films are still directed by white men. Despite the lack of representation in the executive ranks of Hollywood, black professionals are still underrepresented in the buying and distribution of films and TV shows. A new study shows that movies with diverse casts earn more money than those with predominantly white and Asian casts. Portal is an online news portal providing breaking news from around the world.

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