Why Did Petco Stop Selling Rabbits

The first question that might come to your mind is: why did PETCO stop selling rabbits? In fact, the company made a commitment to stop selling rabbits back in 1994, but they promptly backed off. This time, they were pressured by animal welfare groups and HRS to provide the bunnies for adoption. They did this in one store and it worked. Eventually, the company decided to stop selling bunnies altogether. PETCO cited a number of factors for this decision, but ultimately chose to go with adoption.

The company is known for selling rabbits at high prices. Most consumers purchase rabbits in pairs during the holiday season. Peatland Discount stores in Manhattan sell four to eight rabbits each day. A clerk at one of those locations said that the bill is still in the committee stages. A representative from the company said the company hopes the positive feedback will lead other pet store chains to follow suit. However, the odious decision by PETCO to stop selling rabbits has some critics.

While many people may love these adorable creatures, their size and breed makes them dangerous. Sadly, most pet stores do not sterilize rabbits, so it’s important to be vigilant about spaying and neutering the animals when they’re still young. Some rabbits are too cute and can damage valuable items, such as furniture or china. A good place to find a rabbit is a local rescue group.

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