Who’s the Most Skilled Actor or Actress in Law and Order?

While the cast of Law & Order consists of recognizable faces in America, the series has also been a favorite for rerun binges. The show has earned numerous awards, but not all actors played the same character in every episode, so the question becomes, who is the most skilled actor or actress on the show? While not all characters in the show have been nominated for best acting, many of the actors have won or shared awards for their performance as part of an ensemble.

Sarah Paulson made her first appearance on the series in 1994, where she played the character of a teen who was having an affair with her murdered mother’s new husband. Sebastian Stan, meanwhile, played a young boy who was raised by an abusive father. Many actors and actresses have made their debuts on the show, including Julia Roberts, Ellen Pompeo, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jennifer Garner.

The most experienced actor on the show is Dennis Farina, who played Detective Joe Fontana for 46 episodes. He was also the only actor on the show with any real law enforcement experience. He served in the Chicago Police Department for 10 years before getting his role on the hit show. He even gave the movie director Michael Mann a tour of the city while filming his movie. But in the end, who’s the best actor or actress on the show?

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